5 Ways Document Scanning can benefit your organisation

Offices cluttered with paper records are a common sight around the UK. Not only does this look untidy it makes finding the information you need so much harder.

If this is true for your organisation then perhaps it’s time to go paperless. Document scanning allows you to free up the valuable space in your office whilst bring a whole range of other benefits.

5 Ways Document Scanning can benefit your organisation

We have put together a list of 5 ways document scanning can benefit your organisation.

1.   Reduce the time spent looking for information

Feedback from our customers suggests it’s not uncommon for an employee to waste 1 – 2 hours a day simply looking for the documents they need. Which over the course of a year could potentially mean a single full time worker wasting up to 500 hours.

Document scanning significantly reduces the time it takes to find documents, allowing you and your colleagues to focus on more important and productive tasks.

2.   Keep your documents safe from loss or theft

A cluttered office brings about the risk of accidental loss or theft of paperwork. With a system that relies on files being put back in the correct place you are always going to have more cases of human error. Lost documents not only cause delays and financial loss to your organisation they could have serious compliance issues. With the new GDPR regulations that came into force last month it is simply an unacceptable risk to take if you have personal data in paper form.

3.   Makes managing your documents easier

Managing paper records means large amounts of work sorting and filling them into some sort of order. Then you have to deal with retention periods which might involve you having to check through every file to find what you need to get rid of. For many organisations managing paper records can be a major resource drain.

Using document scanning alleviates this burden by allowing most of the time consuming tasks to be completed significantly quicker. For example rather than spending an hour physically locating, photocopying and sending a file you can achieve the same with just a few clicks of a mouse.

4.   Backup your data

Natural disasters such as flooding can potentially destroy an organisation’s paper records in a matter of minutes. To protect against disaster would mean having a duplicate of every single paper record at a secure off-site location. Realistically this is not a practical solution for most organisations as it is unlikely they have access to a suitably secure offsite location.

Document scanning opens up a wide array of backup options that are suited to organisations of all sizes. These options range from simple manual solutions using CD’s, DVD’s and external drives to more complex automated solutions that make use of offsite servers or online backup providers. These backups allow your organisation to more effectively plan and recover from disaster faster than possible with paper records.

5.   Allows more collaborative working

With paper records distributing documents can be a time consuming and expensive process that involves multiple physical copies of the document. This is even more cumbersome when you consider that you would have to distribute a new copy every time someone makes a change.

This process is streamlined with document scanning as there are many options to achieve collaborative working. The most basic option is to copy electronic documents on to a CD and distribute. You can also make use of email to easily send small numbers of electronic documents to your colleagues and clients. More advanced options involve using cloud based services to sync single files or entire folders of documents to multiple people.

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