Advantages of Invoice Scanning

Invoice scanning

No matter how many invoices you deal with invoice scanning is something that can save a business time and money. Traditional ways of processing invoices quickly become inadequate and inefficient once a business grows past a certain level. If a company doesn’t make changes then they can easily get into a situation where staff are spending more time finding invoices than actually doing anything productive.

Advantages of Invoice Scanning

There are more advantages to invoices scanning then a lot of people realise, such as:

•   It frees up space – Get rid of those bulky files taking up valuable office space.

•   Reduces storage costs – The more invoices you have scanned the less expensive storage fees you will need to pay.

•   Saves time – Access to every scanned invoice with just a few clicks, no more looking through every filling cabinet for that incorrectly filed invoice.

•   Increases efficiency – Staff will be able to complete jobs quicker which means they will be able to do more each day.

•   Ease of access – It is possible to access the invoices from any computer or laptop owned by a company.

•   Improved Security – Electronic documents can be encrypted so that only those with the correct authorisation can view them.

How Invoice Scanning Works

There are two main ways a business can go about having their invoices scanned, scan them in-house or outsource the process.

A typical in-house invoice scanning set up would be using a multi-functional scanner to scan invoices. This has the advantage of being able to use existing office equipment or only requiring a small outlay to set up. However, once the number of invoices start to increase the costs can quickly grow as more staff need to be assigned to the task and more costly scanners need to be purchased to keep up.

Once the volume of invoices gets larger outsourcing invoice scanning to an external provider is usually the most cost effective option. This is as you are only paying for the invoices you have scanned so no need to spend money on better equipment or extra staff. A reputable external provider will also be able to scale their scanning services to keep up with varying demand throughout the year.

At UK Document Management we can offer a wide range of services to assist businesses with their invoice scanning needs. Our services are quick and efficient which means the benefits can usually be seen straight away.

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