Choosing the Right Portable Media


Choosing the right type of portable media is a key decision that needs to be made when setting up a document management system. The decision is usually dictated by existing computer systems along with potential future upgrade plans. Choosing the right type of media is key to future proofing your systems.

At UK Document Management we have the facilities to return finished scanned documents in a variety of portable media formats. This ensures that we can return data on media that is compatible with any document management system. We understand that not everyone knows the benefits of different types of media so have put together an overview.


CD & DVD’s are one of the most popular portable media formats for scanned documents. A typical CD can hold up to 700MB of data and a DVD up to 4.7GB. Advantages of using CD’s & DVD’s are that the data cannot be accidentally deleted as it is “burnt” to the disc. However the downside is that they are easily scratched and CD/DVD drives are becoming less common on newer computer systems.

USB Memory Stick

Another popular type of portable media used as part of increasing numbers of document management systems. Available in many different capacities, popular sizes are 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. Advantages of memory sticks are that they are compatible with any device with a USB slot and usually transfer data faster than CD’s / DVD’s. Disadvantages are that the data could be deleted accidentally or potentially get corrupted.

Portable Hard Drive

Usually popular for larger projects or ongoing projects where the data size can soon outgrow other types of media. Capacity of Portable hard drives are usually measured in the 100’s or 1000’s of GB’s. The biggest advantage of this type of media is their capacity, a 2TB hard drive could in theory store more data than 400 DVD’s. The main disadvantage of portable hard drives are their cost compared to other types of portable media.

Online File Transfer & FTP

Becoming increasingly popular as more companies modernise their document management systems. Usually no limit on upload capacity so can scale for most data transfers. Advantages are that it usually gives the fastest delivery of data as there is no physical media to be transferred. Disadvantages are that transfer speed is limited by a company’s internet connection.

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