Digitisation – Helping with NHS Cost Saving

lots of files on shelves

In recent years we have been seeing more and more stories about the difficult financial situation in the NHS. Many NHS trusts are struggling to cope with the ever increasing demand for their services. Budgets are being stretched as the NHS deal with unprecedented winter demand, last winter demand increased more than what was expected by population growth. This meant that around a third of NHS trusts were reportedly close to crisis during this period.

To combat these pressures there has been much talk about extra funding being available for the NHS in coming years. Increased funding can only go so far and other ways of saving money need to be found for the NHS. One way that costs can be reduced is by using a document scanning service to digitise the vast collections of documents the NHS has stored in warehouses throughout the UK.

Digitisation can help by reducing storage costs, an entire warehouse of documents once digitised can easily be stored on a single computer. As warehouse space is freed up NHS storage solutions can be re-evaluated and costs can potentially reduce significantly.

Another benefit of having documents digitised is the efficiency gains that it brings to NHS staff. Staff no longer need to spend time looking or waiting for paper copies of medical records to be retrieved from storage. They will have more time available to focus on other tasks and such as caring for more patients.

Digitise with UK Document Management

UK Document Management have been providing digitisation services to NHS trusts and private healthcare providers for many years. We have the expertise to deal with any type of medical record using our document scanning service. No matter the quality of the documents our experienced scanning team are able to ensure the best quality images are produced.

We understand the unique challenges that face the NHS when it comes to medical records. To ensure maximum compatibility we use the industry standard PDF file format which can opened using free software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. This means that even the oldest of computer in use by the NHS should be able to have full access to the digitised records.

Contact us on 01625 574499 or email us on info@ukdocumentmanagement.com for further information about our document scanning and document management services.