Document Management – Helping With Compliance in the Construction Industry

Construction siteDocument Management – Compliance in the Construction Industry

Like many industry sectors the construction industry has faced growing pressure to deliver projects on time and to budget. Even the smallest of delays can easily snowball into bigger issues potentially leading to lost time and money. When working with these sorts of time constraints and pressures it can be easy to overlook other important tasks such as what to do with all those compliance documents?

Documents, drawings, plans, employment records, insurance documents, and many more will have been accumulated whilst a project is underway. Legally all of these documents have to be kept once the project is finished and the site has closed down. It’s not uncommon for the files to get taken away and left in no particular order in a back room of a regional office.

This is all well and good when there are no issues following a site closure however as soon as an issue arises it can be a panic to find all of the relevant documents. You have to dig around piles of documents to find that one piece of information that is needed. Not to mention the fact that paper documents can deteriorate over time potentially rendering that important document useless.

Document Management

UK Document Management have the solution to all of these problems with our Document Management Services. We can scan all types of documents in black and white or colour and can also deal with any drawings, maps, or plans using our dedicated Large Format Scanning Service. Once scanned we can convert them into fully indexed searchable PDF files which makes finding those compliance documents a simple task.

Once completed we can provide as many copy’s / backups as required thereby reducing the need to store all of that paperwork. This would also allow you to deal with any compliance requests from the project client by providing them with a copy of the full document archive. There would be no more digging through piles of paperwork with a single electronic search giving access to any document in the archive.

The process is quick and cost effective and it can be arranged so that all of your files are collected on the day that the site closes down. We cover all of the UK so can arrange collection from all major cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Warrington, London, Central London, Newcastle, and Preston.

For more information on our document scanning services for the Construction Industry contact us on 01625 574499 or email us on for further information and a competitive quote.