Document Scanning in Birmingham

Document Management in Birmingham

UK Document Management have the ability to scan any size of document up to 42” wide and our document scanning in Birmingham service covers every possible size, shape or colour you may be looking to convert to an electronic image. Whether it’s colour, black & white or grey scale we can easily adapt our processes to meet your needs.

Large backlogs, smaller projects, one off conversion or as an on-going requirement. Our experienced team can make it happen on time whilst maintaining the highest quality and integrity.


There are several advantages to using our document scanning services in Birmingham including:

• Our use of PDF images utilising the latest OCR technology means no expensive licences or software and minimal input from your own IT team.

• Once indexed with your chosen key field indicators the addition of OCR means any text information whether that be alpha or numeric can be searched across a number of records, a single file or an entire database. Meaning our document scanning process makes it much easier for you and your staff to find documents in the future and frees up space in your workspace.

• We are happy to complete a document scanning sample free of charge using your own documents to demonstrate the ease at which you can now search and locate business critical information from your desktop.

The Benefits of Document Scanning in Birmingham

Let your staff concentrate on the work that benefits your organisation and not waste valuable time looking for paper documents

What Documents can be scanned?

We can scan anything from a tiny till receipt to an oversize A0 drawing in black and white, greyscale or colour


Typically the type of document we scan are:

Purchase Invoices
Medical Records
Aerospace Records
Project Files
Legal Files
HR Files
Quality and Audit Documents
Student Records
Planning and Building Control Files
GNR's and Delivery Notes

What Type of Companies Have We Provided Document Scanning For?

We scan for every possible industry sector possible but have vast experience of the following:


How can we be sure of a quality service?

We are fully accredited to ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance standards and work within all guidelines of PD0008:1999. With this and our own ever evolving quality checks you can be assured of the best possible quality every time.

Sounds good, so how will the process work?


We would arrange a suitable date and time with yourselves for the collection of your files.

Upon arrival at your premises we would carefully box your files (if required) using our own staff and boxes (no customer staff required, except for supervision) this process would be done with the minimum of disruption.

We would then load our van with the boxes taking care that your files are never left unattended, once loaded we would issue you with a collection note and the van would then return directly to our secure conversion facility.


Booking In

Once your files arrive at our conversion facility, they are booked in via our ISO9001:2015 quality system.  All boxes are clearly labelled with unique job reference, customer name and box count.

We provide our customer base with a retrieval service when necessary during the conversion period.

Scanning and Indexing process

Prior to any document scanning project commencing all documents will require preparation, this is when we will de-staple, unfold, and repair the documents prior to scanning. We would also remove and label any large format drawings so they can be scanned on our large format scanner.

The documents will then be scanned using auto colour where necessary to make sure any boundaries, red areas or photographs are correctly captured.

Any large format drawings or oversized documents can also be scanned in colour (if required) and merged at the end of the small format file.

File Indexing and Categorisation

Once the documents have been scanned, we will index each document by your required fields, for example, project number, project name, to enable quick retrieval.

OCR Process (Optical Character Recognition)

The Scanned PDF files will then be OCRED, this allows you to search for any text – alpha or numeric within any document or group of documents to make it even easier to find what you are looking for.

Return of Electronic Images

The scanned document images will then be returned by hand on DVD or a memory stick to yourself on a prearranged date and time.

Quality Check

In accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 quality accreditation our quality department will check each file for quality and clarity and integrity prior to despatch with a job number, customer name, and expected return date.

Destruction of Original Paperwork

Once the documents have been scanned the original documents will be stored for up to three months after the electronic files have been returned. This can be extended if required, we would then ask you for permission to destroy the original files (they will not be destroyed without your prior permission). Once we have your permission the file will be cross shredded to European and ITAR standards prior to recycling.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes simply call us on 01625 574499 to arrange a free consultation and free scanned sample of your own documents. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality finish whenever carrying out document scanning and we are more than happy to show you a sample of our work before anything is agreed.

If you are looking for an experienced document scanning team in Birmingham get in touch with us today.

Situated at the centre of the West Midlands Birmingham is seen as one of the main business hubs in the UK. With it's great links to a large number of Cities throughout the UK it makes it a common stop off point for commuters from all over the country. It is served by a number of motorways and is home to the famous Spaghetti Junction. With such good connections throughout the country it means we can provide a fast turnaround time on our document scanning in Birmingham.

We provide our document services including document scanning in Birmingham and the surrounding areas and can customise our services to suit your needs exactly. There are several major National Health Service hospitals throughout Birmingham, meaning the need for sensitive document services is prevalent in the City centre and the surrounding areas. The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, adjacent to the Birmingham Medical School in Edgbaston, is home to the biggest critical care unit in Europe, and also houses the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, which specialises in treating military personnel injured in conflict zones. Whether our clients need sensitive information digitizing then shredding or the hard copies retaining to be returned we can take on any size job.

Our team are used to working with a wide range of clients from various industries, so get in touch now for document scanning in Birmingham, call 01625 574499 now for a free quote.