Document Scanning – Reducing Costs for Local Councils and Authorities

Document Scanning

Local Government and Councils

In recent years Local Councils and Authorities have been under pressure to find ways to cut costs and save money. One often overlooked way of saving money is by having documents transformed into electronic documents using a document scanning service. The overall cost saving benefits of document scanning outweigh the upfront costs of using this sort of service.

The most obvious way that document scanning saves money is by reducing or eliminating the costs associated with storage of all those bulky documents. Another cost saving benefit is by allowing staff to be more efficient in their day to day tasks and therefore allowing more to be done with the same work force.

If staff are spending less time looking for paperwork then they have more time to be dealing with customer enquiries and requests. Documents can be found within minutes or even a matter of seconds which means that more queries can be resolved straight away. There’s no more need for those simple customer enquiries to require a follow up call or visit by the customer

There is also the added benefit to customer satisfaction that document scanning can bring, less time waiting equals more happy customers. This in turn can lead to more efficiency gains as staff will spend less time dealing with customer complaints relating to slow response times to simple queries.

Document Scanning with UK Document Management

UK Document Management have the expertise and experience when it comes to document scanning for local Councils and Authorities. We have worked with all departments in local government including Planning, Building Control, Benefits, HR, Accounts, Council Tax, Housing, Highways, and Environmental.

Adrian Townsend, Operations Director at UK Document Management says “We have the facilities to cope with any project from a small one off job to the largest of archive projects. It doesn’t matter whether the documents are large plans, small post it notes or old microfilm and microfiche, UK Document Management have the resources to cope”.

UK Document Management cover all areas of the UK and have regular collections from Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Warrington, London, Newcastle, and Preston. Our unmarked vans can securely collect your valuable files allowing them to be taken to our facility and converted into electronic documents.

For more information on our document scanning services for local councils and authorities contact us on 01625 574499 or email us on for further information on the cost saving benefits.