How Document Scanning Works

Folders stackedDocument Scanning

Choosing a document scanning service can be a daunting task for any company. Getting the right document management system set up from the start can save time and money in the long run. Do you have your documents scanned annually? Monthly? Weekly? Do they need to be batch scanned or individually indexed? Should you use optical character recognition?

At UK Document Management we have the answer to all of these questions, our sales team have a combined experience approaching 100 years which means they have the knowledge when it comes to document scanning. From first contact to finalising a collection our sales team can help guide you step in setting up your very own document management system. Our document scanning process has a number of steps which are explained below.


Once our sales team have finalised the customers requirement we can arrange a convenient time and date for the collection. If required we can also send a team of our staff to attend the premises to sort and box the documents prior to collection. Our trusted drivers can then carefully load the boxed documents onto the vehicle ready for the journey home.

The documents are taken directly to our secure storage facility where they are unloaded and booked in to our system. Every job is given a unique job reference and all boxes box are labelled to ensure that they are clearly identifiable.

Prep & Scan

Before being scanned the documents are prepared by our professional team of operatives. They will unfold corners and remove staples as well as repairing documents as required. Anything larger than A3 is separated and clearly identified so that it can be scanned using our separate large format scanning service.

Using high volume scanners our experienced scanner operators will carefully choosing from a number of settings to enhance and get the best possible image. Depending on the customer requirements we can use black & white, colour, or grey scale to capture high quality images.

Indexing & Finishing

Once the images have been scanned they can be indexed to whatever criteria selected by the customer. Other powerful processes such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can be applied which turns the PDF files into searchable documents.

At this point all that is left to do is to finish the job by organising the files into an appropriate folder structure. Typically the files are burnt to a CD/DVD but if required can be copied onto a USB memory stick or securely uploaded and transferred directly.

Hopefully this has given an insight into how the document scanning process works at UK Document Management. If you want to learn more then visit our document scanning page or contact us on 01625 574499 and ask to speak to one of our knowledgeable sales team.