Boost Finance Department Productivity With Finance Document Scanning

If your business is looking at ways to increase the productivity of your Finance Department then you should consider using a finance document scanning solution. Finance Departments can be hectic places at the best of times so using an external solution would free up valuable time. Rather than staff wasting time scanning piles of invoices they will be able to focus on other more important tasks. This is especially valuable at busy times such as yearend where employees could easily get swamped with documents for scanning.

Finance Document Scanning

Many businesses can get away with scanning their own finance documents, typically using desktop multifunctional scanners. This sort of setup can be cost effective for small volumes of documents but doesn’t scale well without significant investment in equipment and staff. That’s not even taking into account other issues that come with increasing demand for scanning such as:

•   Document preparation.

•   Jammed scanners and double feeds.

•   Quality issues and poor quality images.

•   Not easily scaled to fluctuations in demand.

•   High maintenance costs for scanners.

•   Low productivity/output.

Using an external provider for finance document scanning allows for all of the above inefficiencies to be negated. Meaning you don’t have bear the costs of extra staff that would be needed to prepare and scan the documents. An external provider will have teams of staff already in place who can handle all of this work. They would also be able to manage resource requirements so you wouldn’t need to worry about staff having nothing to do during quite periods or too much to do when it’s busier.

Finance Document Scanning with UK Document Management

UK Document Management offer a range of affordable finance document scanning services. These services are flexible and can be tailored to the suit the individual needs of each customer. From our secure scanning bureau we are able handle any type of job from one off archive jobs to regular on going jobs.

Our use of PDF images with OCR technology means that any information contained within the scanned documents can be easily found using a simple search. Another benefit of our use of industry standard PDF images is they provide maximum compatibility with existing systems. This means that there is no need for expensive software or subscriptions.

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