Five Ways Digitisation is Increasing Productivity in the Workplace

Document Scanning

Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Digitisation of documents and paperwork is becoming a simple yet effective way to increase productivity in the workplace. No longer are document scanning and digitisation services being seen as a luxury only affordable to the biggest of companies. Any size company can gain the productivity and cost saving benefits from having their key documents digitised.

Digitisation can bring a multitude of productivity benefits to any company, five key benefits include:

Easier Collaborative Working

In the modern workplace digitisation is allowing companies to expand on and make collaborative working easier. No longer is collaboration restricted to physically working on a document or drawing around a table in the same room. Digitisation allows any number of people in any number of locations to work together on the same documents at the same time.

Less Wasted Time Looking for and Retrieving Documents

Digitisation is saving time in the workplace by reducing the need for people to go and physically find a document. No more searching the entire building for that one file that was returned to the wrong location last time it was retrieved. Instead of wasting hours searching for documents staff can be concentrating on other more important tasks.

De-cluttering of Work Space

Not all companies have space for a dedicated storage area for their paperwork so digitisation can help to declutter the office space. Employees can get on with their jobs in a more pleasant working environment without the never ending piles of paperwork cluttering their desk space. This is often an overlooked benefit of digitisation which can help reduce stress and improve morale amongst staff.


If Optical Character Recognition (OCR) was used during the digitisation process then there can be even more productivity benefits to digitisation. With an OCR text search a search can be expanded to cover the content of every single file in a document archive.

Data analysis & document manipulation

Another way digitisation can benefit a company is by the additional data analysis that can be carried out following the process. The text content of the scanned documents can be exported into other programs such as Excel or Access allowing manipulation of data that just isn’t possible without large amounts of manual data entry from the physical copies.

Digitise with UK Document Management

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