How Safe Are Your Documents?

Document Scanning

Keeping Documents Safe

Safe document storage is something that is overlooked by a lot of companies. Many don’t have suitable space available so end up storing documents wherever they can. These areas aren’t best suited for the storage of documents with damp, damage, and theft being some issues that can arise. This can have devastating consequences for a company with important information being lost with no way of retrieval.

Documents held by companies typically contain sensitive information such as private staff records, contracts, product information, and other legally required files. Whether these documents are being stored in your own buildings or whether an outside document storage provider is being used. There is always a risk no matter how secure the building is or how reputable the supplier is.

Using a Document Scanning service is the only way to ensure that a document can be kept forever without degrading or being lost. Factors such as weather damage, poor storage, theft, and accidental loss are things you no longer need to worry about. For this reason document scanning is fast becoming the document storage method of choice among companies of all sizes.

A reputable provider of document management services will be able to manage every step of your document scanning from collection to destruction of the originals. Once the electronic documents have been returned to you all that is needed to ensure they last forever is a suitable backup regime. The backup versions can be accessed and restored in the event environmental factors or failure destroy a hard drive.

Document Scanning with UK Document Management

UK Document Management can assist with all of your needs when it comes to keeping your documents safe. We have the capabilities to scan any type of document and have the capacity to deal with anything from one off jobs up to large scale bulk document scanning. Even if your documents have already started to deteriorate we should be able to save them from further damage. Our team are experienced when it comes to dealing with documents of all qualities so can ensure the best possible image is obtained from any damaged documents.

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