HR File Scanning – Time To Go Digital?

HR Files

HR file scanning is something that can help a company to better manage how they store and process employee data. Processing and storing HR files has always been a major head ache for businesses, especially as they grow, more employees means more documents to deal with. Many companies have already made the switch but there are still so many others out there who are yet to experience the benefits of HR file scanning.

Why Should We Change To HR File Scanning?

Smaller companies with limited resources and only a handful of employees may be able to get away with using paper based systems. But as they gain new business and expand that handful of employees they started with can easily turn into 10, 20, 50, and beyond. What starts out as a few leaver arch files can soon get out of hand as more and more employees join the business. Application forms, CV’s, references, job descriptions, contracts, sickness records, and many more types of documents all need to be kept somewhere!

For some larger established companies, the reliance on paper documents comes from their reluctance to change from tried and tested methods. Many will ask, why should we pay for a HR file scanning service when we have always used paper documents? The answer to this question is because it is not as daunting to implement and probably not as expensive as they think. Especially when you factor in the efficiency gains of not having to deal with mountains of paper documents. In the future it is inevitable that more companies will make the switch from paper documents. Why risk your competitors gaining a competitive advantage when they make the switch before you do?

Can’t We Just Scan Our Own Documents?

There are some companies that do scan their own documents rather than using a HR file scanning service. A typical in-house scanning (learn more) setup would be a multi-functional scanner / printer set up on someone’s desk. This is fine for smaller volumes of HR files but there are many issues that can arise when the volume of HR files increases. Not only do these sorts of scanners produce lower quality images they waste staff time scanning and dealing with maintenance issues.

Where Can We Have Our HR Files Scanned?

UK Document Management can provide a range of HR file scanning services to suit any type of business. Our experienced teams can scan all of your HR files, meaning you can experience the full benefits of using an external HR file scanning service.

These benefits include:

•   Less bulky documents stored around the office.

•   Cost savings from reduced external document storage.

•   Productivity gains for staff due to faster retrievals of Electronic files.

•   Help with future compliance when new GDPR legislation introduced.

•   More secure, encryption and levels of access easily be set up.

•   Industry standard PDF files, compatible with existing systems.

If you would like to speak to a member of our sales team about your HR file scanning requirements or would like a no obligation quote then feel free to contact us on 01625 574499 or