Medical Record Scanning – Paperless by 2018?

Medical record scanning is helping with the push to get the NHS to go paperless. Back in 2013 Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt set out to have the NHS go paperless by 2018. Cost savings, improving services and helping to meet the demands of an aging population were the three key reasons for going paperless. It was an ambitious plan as every NHS trust has different systems so a “one size fits all” type of solution couldn’t just be rolled out.

Since 2013 progress hasn’t quite gone as expected and the NHS is still a long way off being paperless. The NHS are still struggling to fulfil the three key criteria which going paperless was supposed to meet. Earlier in 2017 Jeremy Hunt admitted he had been advised that the 2018 target is not achievable. He stated that weak hospital IT systems had presented a significant number of problems.

Medical Record Scanning

At UK Document Management we provide medical record scanning services to NHS trusts and agree the NHS should go paperless. However we advise that a more structured phased approach should be taken. IT systems need to be modernised to enable the use of paperless systems that are just too demanding for current IT systems. Then there are vast archives of paper medical records that still need to be fully digitised. There is no point spending large amounts on IT systems if all of the historic records are still in paper form.

There is the risk of the backlog of paper documents getting so large that the benefits of going paperless won’t be seen until many years later. For this reason we advise our NHS clients to scan their medical records on an ongoing basis. This is also why we use industry standard PDF files for our medical record scanning services. Using PDF files guarantees compatibility with existing systems and ensures they are ready for whatever paperless system is implemented in the future.

Medical Record Scanning with UK Document Management

UK Document Management offer all our NHS clients a per page cost which means there are no unexpected extra charges for double sided document. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is applied as standard to all documents scanned for our NHS clients. This means that R & D departments can easily find the key alpha numeric data they need within the content of each document.

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