Protect Your Information With Confidential Document Scanning

If you are worried about your business data falling into the wrong hands then you should look to protect your information with confidential document scanning. The loss or theft of data can be massively detrimental to your business with long lasting consequences.

Failure to keep your business data safe could lead to your business suffering reputational damage and potentially loss of business. Then you have to consider the compliance and regulatory issues you are likely to face which could lead to significant fines.

Paper documents are increasingly becoming the ‘weak link’ in a lot of businesses information security systems. All it takes for a document to be lost or stolen is for it to be misfiled, taken from someone’s desk or even accidentally left somewhere such as a cafe or on public transport. No matter how sophisticated the filing system or how long you take to organise the documents you are always going to have to deal with human error.

This is why so many businesses are looking to confidential document scanning as a way to reduce the risk of data loss. All of your data can be electronically stored and managed from a secure central location. Which allows the use of enhanced security features such as restricted user access control and document audit trails to monitor who has viewed or edited files.

Confidential Document Scanning

Protect Your Information With Confidential Document Scanning

•   UK Document Management use tracked vehicles which can collect confidential documents from across the UK.
•   Documents are assigned unique reference numbers from the moment they arrive at our secure bureau meaning they can be tracked at every stage.
•   Records are scanned, producing high quality digital images. Every single image is quality checked at least 2 times by our QA team.
•   Files can be indexed in any way using the naming conventions that best suit your business processes and systems, ensures quick and easy retrieval.
•   Sensitive data can be encrypted to stop the data falling into the wrong hands.
•   Paper copies of documents can be returned or securely destroyed using cross-cut shredding.

UK Document Management have invested countless amounts of time and resources into developing secure and confidential scanning processes. The safety of our client’s information is always number one priority. Which is why our secure scanning facility is protected by advanced security systems such as biometric entry control, 24 hour CCTV monitoring and fire detection and suppression systems. All of our staff are also disclosure checked and trained how to best handle information in secure way.

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