GDPR – Is Secure Document Scanning the Answer?

Secure document scanning is being used by organisations around the UK to keep their documents safe. This is increasingly important with the impending GDPR regulations coming into force from 25 May 2018. GDPR sets out “data protection by design and by default” as a key point for organisations to consider. This is why so many organisations are looking at secure document scanning as a way to demonstrate their GDPR compliance.

Document security is something that is very important to get right particularly when it comes to documents that contain personal data. Organisations typically have 2 main forms of documents they need to keep safe, paper documents and electronic documents. Paper based documents need to be kept safe by physical means such as dedicated locked storage rooms and locked filling cabinets. Whereas electronic documents are kept secure using things such as passwords, firewalls and encryption.

Secure Document Scanning

How to secure paper documents

Many organisations will think their paper documents are safe and secure in filing cabinets throughout the office. However all it takes are is for someone to simply walk past and take any file they want from an unlocked cabinet.

There are many things to consider when storing personal data in paper form, such as:

•   Is access restricted to the room / office at all times?

•   Are filing cabinets locked at all times when not in use?

•   Is personal data kept in separate filing cabinets? Or mixed with other document types accessible?

How to secure electronic documents

Electronic documents processed by secure document scanning services can be the most secure form of document storage. Access can easily be restricted on a per user basis so that only personal data can be seen by people who need to see it. For example employees from the accounts department won’t be able to see the sensitive data that the occupational health department have.

There are many things to consider when storing personal data in electronic form, such as:

•   Is the IT infrastructure secure? Are firewalls, antivirus, etc protecting all systems?

•   Are IT systems regularly updated to protect from latest threats?

•   Are all computers and workstations password protected on a per user basis?

•   Is encryption used for storage servers where personal data is stored?

Secure Document Scanning with UK Document Management

UK Document Management offer secure document scanning service’s to organisations across the UK. We have the capabilities to scan any type of document and can deal with anything from one off jobs up to large scale bulk document scanning. Our use of industry standard AES 256 bit encryption ensures that documents are kept secure at every stage of the process.

Contact us now on 01625 574499 or to find out how our secure document scanning services can help your organisation with the push for GDPR compliance.