UK document management

Your Leading UK Document Scanning Specialist

UK document management

Your Leading UK Document Scanning Specialist

UK document management

Your Leading UK Document Scanning Specialist

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UK Document Management is a leading specialist in document, drawing and microfilm scanning services throughout the UK. Based around a management team with an industry experience portfolio of over 25 years we can adapt and tailor our services to meet your needs. Utilising a fleet of owned vehicles our services are available no matter where you are based.

We offer a comprehensive range of processes including document scanning duplex and simplex any size, shape, colour, black and white, drawing scanning (up to 42 inches wide any length) and conversion of microform whether that be microfiche, roll film or aperture card.

Our teams produce the highest quality images from your original records, using black and white, greyscale or colour images, to ensure your records maintain the highest level of quality and integrity.

Creating industry standard PDF images with enhanced high quality OCR technology as standard we ensure any conversion now is “future proof”. No expensive licensing, proprietary software or concerns over who owns or manages your data gives you instant peace of mind.

We work with you from concept through to completion and our continued success is based on our ability to work with you in all areas from support and advice to integrity and cost saving. Regardless of the size of your project UK Document Management will be by your side at every step.

Why Scan Your Documents?

Are you wasting useful office space by filling it up with filing cabinets and boxes of documents? 

Are your business critical files documents difficult to retrieve when you need them?

Are your documents at risk of loss, theft and damage? 

​UK Document Management provide document scanning and archiving services across the UK for companies and organisations who wish to benefit from the space saving, time saving and cost saving with effective use of electronic document processes. 

Our secure collection service can collect boxes from your location and transfer them to our secure scanning bureau for conversion to industry standard PDF with relevant index and OCR functionality.

Many companies are already benefiting from a wide range of advantages:

• Storing files digitally means you can free up valuable office space.

• You can relinquish ever increasing off-site storage costs.

• You can minimize data loss by up to 97%.

• You can reduce your paper usage and make the first steps towards a paperless office.

• Document scanning lets you access your files quickly and easily through simple text searches from anywhere, at any time.

• You can comply with file retention regulations without the need to store documents as paper form.

• You can have shared access to files and databases quickly in a digital format.

• You can improve information flow between your colleagues and customers alike.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR is an additional process that takes place once a document has been scanned. UK Document Management will scan each document such as purchase invoices, hr records, medical record, job packs etc using high quality document scanners to get the best quality image and integrity.

Once the document has been scanned and the image has been verified through our image quality control, our specialist software is engaged. The software will OCR all sizes of documents from a tiny till receipt – standard A4 documents A0 drawing. The accuracy of the OCR image can be over 96%.

Scanned images that have been OCR’ed are able to be searched by any text contained within the document/file provided it is text, OCR will search for alpha or numeric characters. this makes finding data and searching so much faster. This is in addition to the key field indicators which are set up with the client in advance which mirror your current filing protocols.

The additional opportunity to search documents/files which have been scanned is limitless – as an example Purchase Invoices that have been filed in month order / voucher no can then be searched via the OCR by company name, invoice value or supplier code for instance. HR documents that have been scanned and indexed by Surname and Given Name can be searched by previous name, payroll number, NI Number. A search can be made on job packs for part numbers, revision references, serial numbers etc.

UK Document Management specialise in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and are happy to provide a free of charge sample. Our sales consultants can advise on projects large or small.