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How To Backup Paper Documents?

If you are looking for a solution to the problem of how to backup paper documents then you should consider document scanning. Digitising your paper documents is the easiest way to ensure your documents are safe from loss.

Most businesses have some form of regular backup for their electronic data and IT systems. Be it online or offline there are a multitude of ways to backup your data.

However when it comes to protecting paper records from disaster it is something that is often overlooked. In the event of fire, flood, or theft you could experience catastrophic data loss within minutes.

How to backup paper documents with document scanning?

To save money many businesses try to scan their own documents in house using existing multi-functional printer / scanners. This works for some companies but in general for large paper archives scanning in house is impractical.

To be able to scan a large paper archive in a reasonable time scale you would need significant investment in high capacity scanners and additional staff and training. Scanning large archives in house makes even less sense when you consider the expensive scanners you needed are probably going to be underutilised once your backlog is cleared.

Using an out sourced provider has the benefit of being able to quickly have your entire paper archive converted without the need to buy any equipment or hire new staff. External providers would be able to provide higher quality images as well as additional services such as optical character recognition (OCR), indexing and bookmarking.

Other benefits of document scanning

Not only does document scanning solve the problem of how to backup paper documents it can also provide other benefits such as:

•   Freeing up valuable space.
•   Reducing file retrieval times.
•   Easier to find your data.
•   Enables you to work on the go without having to bring bulky documents with you.
•   Improves security when combined with encryption and restricted access rights.


How Can UK Document Management help?

UK Document Management are one of the UK’s leading providers of document scanning services. Having worked with companies from every sector for over 10 years we have the experience needed to convert any type of document.

We offer a ‘one stop shop’ service for document scanning meaning we can collect, scan, index and destroy your documents. Having your document scanned with us requires minimal involvement, simply tell us your requirements and when you want your documents collecting and we will do the rest.

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