UK Document Management work with leading blue chip companies, local authorities, NHS, Universities and Academies alongside recognised names in the fields of aerospace, manufacturing, building and automotive industries. We have successfully completed projects from a small number of boxes to in excess of 20,000 boxes.  See below some of the projects our consultants have had the privilege of being involved with;

We needed the project managed and completed on time and on budget UKDM delivered on all fronts would recommend without hesitation.

- Tony D -

Security & Confidentiality of our records was what mattered most and we feel confident using UK Document Management.

- Lisa M -

” To hand our files over to a third party was a daunting proposition but we have an excellent relationship with UKDM and any electronic retrievals required during the process are completed in a timely and professional manner.”

- James -

Example 1

An insurance industry client was paying £100,00.00 per annum for document storage of 22,000 boxes, these records were required to be kept for 16 years – UKDM stepped in and took all boxes with an agreed scanning process under a strict schedule of works to be completed over a 12 year period utilising the previous storage spend which included, storage, scanning and retrieval of urgent files electronically.

Example 2

An aerospace client had a vast storage area within the body of their manufacturing area which needed to be cleared to allow further expansion of their business. The contents covered all possible types of material and media, from standard A4 pages, rolled and flat drawings, microfiche and aperture cards and manuals which related to both military and commercial projects. The project was started within 2 weeks of spend approval and all necessary manpower and resources were provided to ensure all material was removed and relocated to the scanning facility the project involved circa 5.3 million images and was complete within 6 months.

Example 3

An NHS client had a required to convert to electronic image records of a highly sensitive and confidential nature. UKDM were tasked with providing security tagged receptacles for the transport of the data to their offices on a strict one week turnaround basis. A dedicated area which was only accessible through keypad, finger print recognition entry was provided alongside key staff to prepare, scan, process, quality check, index and commit the data to password protected DVDs before return to the client. The PCs used had no internet or network access and the hard drives were also delivered to the client at the end of the project.

Other Experience

Construction Industry


In the Construction Industry there are many types of documents that are legally required in order to demonstrate compliance. Documents, Drawings, Large Format  plans, employments records, insurance documents, and many more all need to be kept once the project has finished.

We can arrange to collect all of these document and files once the project site has closed and transport them to our document scanning centre. We can scan all sizes and types of documents, in colour or black and white as required thereby reducing the need to store all that paperwork in regional offices. The files can be converted to fully indexed searchable PDF files and then be returned whatever media required.

This would also enable easy sharing of electronic copies of the full archive with clients reducing the need for them to keep asking for proof of compliance and standards.

Local Government and Councils


Document scanning can cut costs for local councils and local authorities by making it quicker and easier for them to find and distribute the information required. It is a simple fact that if the entire archive could be searched from a computer then the amount of time spent looking for required information is instantly reduced.

If the planning application, decision notice, council tax form, preservation orders, or benefit form are still in paper format a trip to the archive room would be required. Planning applications, decision notices, council tax forms, or benefit forms could all be found whilst the customer is still on the phone rather than having to physically find the documents and calling the customer back hours later.

We have experience scanning documents for all departments in local government including Planning, Building Control, Benefits, HR, Accounts, Council Tax, Housing, Highways, and Environmental.

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