Drawing Scanning

Our drawing scanning teams here at UK Document Management have the ability to scan anything from small one off projects to large backlog conversions.

Whatever the quality of your drawings we have the ability to get the very best electronic image via our dedicated drawing scanning service. We ensure our team are trained in the best practices to ensure a high quality result with every job we carry out.

We scan drawings for Local Authorities, Construction Industry, NHS, Estates departments to name but a few. So, if you have Planning Applications, Building Control Files or Project Files with both A4 written pages mixed with technical drawings, O&M Manuals or just cabinets full of drawings they can be easily converted by our experienced drawing scanning teams. With our ability to work with clients from a variety of backgrounds you can be sure we will handle any drawing scanning job with ease.

Our conversions can be carried out to provide you with your drawings in a range of formats including: Tiff, PDF, Jpeg, Bitmap etc. This means you can easily access your scanned drawings from where ever you are, in whichever format you prefer.



If the drawings have been regularly used and in need of repair that is no problem, our drawing scanning teams will prepare them to ensure we get the best possible result. We have large format scanners capable of coping with all sizes of drawings up to 42” wide. We can scan paper, acetate or linen, so no matter the quality or material our drawing scanning team can digitise it.

Our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software will also work on drawings which will pick out any text on the drawing itself and in the description box etc.

The drawing can be indexed to your specification however typically its either drawing number, description, issue number, revision number or any part or all of the data.

Drawings can either be returned to our client after scanning, stored or confidentially destroyed once we have written approval. Once the drawings have been destroyed a certificate of destruction will be issued.

We have large format scanners to scan any size of technical drawing, so if you have any drawing of any quality we can digitise.

Output can be black and white or full colour
Scanned drawing can be converted to TIFF, PDF, JPEG and also CAD conversion to .DWG and .DXF
UK Document Management scan for Construction Companies, Builders, Councils, NHS etc.
Indexing will be to your preference for instance drawing number, description, version/issue, date etc
We have the capacity to scan backlogs and large volumes

Quality, Integrity and Service

We recently received notification of our upcoming ISO audit, we can’t believe it’s been 12 months since we achieved ISO9001:2015.  During this time we have maintained our 98% customer satisfaction record and seen significant improvements on the way we transfer data directly into customer systems.  Our philosophy of getting it right first time pays dividends and we are delighted to have the full support of our Directors in ensuring this continues.

UK Document Management currently work for a local authority on a project to scan circa 15,000 aperture cards and 5000 combination fiche.  The authority still makes regular use of these microfilmed images and the cost of replacement equipment coupled with the time taken by staff to actually find anything on microfilm meant this was a worthwhile and cost effective project to undertake.

So, if you are looking for an experienced company that specialise in drawing scanning get in touch today.